• MERV 14 with E-Pleat ® Media Technology
  • Engineered to provide zero air bypass filtration
  • Foamed polyurethane frame features a duel-sealing integrated gasket
  • Media pack is fully potted into the frame
  • Synthetic media with embossed design holds two times more dust
  • Completely incinerable . no metal parts
  • Earns points toward LEED green building certification
  • Moisture, chemical and corrosion resistant
  • Frame is able to flex without damage
  • Available in 4” depths



QuadSEAL® filters feature proprietary E-Pleat® media technology. The molded frame is moisture, chemical, and corrosion resistant and can flex without damage. The polyurethane frame incorporates a QuadSEAL integrated gasket on all four sides. Gasketing on the air leaving and perimeter of the frame provides dual sealing protection. The media pack is 100% bonded into the foamed polyurethane frame, eliminating bypass and the need for additional sealants or adhesives.