High-Capacity Extended Surface Mini-Pleat Filters

  • Ultrafine microglass paper media
  • Moisture resistant construction
  • Continuous bead, mini-pleat adhesive separators
  • V-bank assembly of mini-pleat media packs
  • Large media area, low resistance
  • Four efficiencies:
  • MERV 16
  • MERV 14
  • MERV 13
  • MERV 11



The Vari+Plus® VPL extended-surface air filter is another superior product in the Airguard® family of rigid high-efficiency products, offering a wide range of dirt-removal efficiencies coupled with extremely low resistance to air flow. The combination of these two values offers high performance filtration, long service life and low operating costs. This filter provides between 40 percent and 300 percent more filter surface area, ensuring long service life and economical operation.