Vari-Plus GT

High-Capacity Extended Surface Mini-Pleat Filters

  • Ultrafine microglass paper media
  • Moisture resistant construction
  • Continuous bead, mini-pleat adhesive separators
  • V-bank assembly of mini-pleat media packs
  • Large media area, low resistance
  • Four efficiencies:
  • MERV 16
  • MERV 14
  • MERV 13
  • MERV 11



The Vari-Plus® incorporates a high-media-area, mini-pleat design with galvanized-steel box-style construction ideal for front-loading applications. This filter provides between 40 and 300 percent more filter surface area than other rigid box filters. The VariPlus® assures a long service life, low energy consumption and low operating costs. It easily replaces other than 12-in.-deep rigid box filters with little or no modification to the existing system.